Dear ESPHM Delegates,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


On behalf of the organizing committees of the 13th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to Budapest. This symposium is a very special event because it has been a long time, three years, elapsed since the latest personal meeting of the European pig professionals and it is an extraordinary occasion for the veterinarians in Hungary: we have never hosted such a large-scale swine health and management conference, even though the Hungarian veterinary scientists have recognized traditions in that field.

Our profession is the reaction: we always have to find a proper answer to the challenges given by the highly variable circumstances. ‘Crisis management’ is probably the best expression describing the circumstances of the recent years. Beside the ‘A’ acronyms like ASF, AMR which have become the part of our everyday life, the covid pandemic and the most recent extremely sad and regretful war crisis in Ukraine, all have a huge impact on the pig and pork industry. So, we react: the title of the first keynote session of this symposium is the crisis management. You can also follow the most recent scientific news in the keynote topics of sustainable pig production (i.e. trends of the pork consumption and consumer expectations, how to make the pig farms more ‘green’), the relationship between the swine and human health through potentially zoonotic diseases and the eradication of some economically important pig diseases.

I am grateful to our outstanding keynote speakers, to the ECPHM Board and the Veterinary Practitioners Council for organizing and performing such a great and up-to-date scientific programme.

A large conference with many attendees requires a solid technical organization background: thanks to Vet International we do have got it here. Implementing such an event without generous support of sponsors is certainly impossible. We gratefully appreciate our sponsors’ contribution.

One should never forget: crisis is a possibility for a new development. I wish to all of you an interesting, fruitful and inspiring symposium, a start of new developments, meetings, discussions. Last but not least: do not fail to discover and enjoy the marvellous city of Budapest.

Hungary is friendly welcoming you.


Yours Sincerely

József Földi

Chair of the 13th ESPHM