Magdalena Czaplińska

Key Veterinarian, Agri Plus Sp. z.o.o
Poznan, Poland


As everyone else, I wish to enjoy a live symposium in Budapest, where social activities will also take place beside some important and exciting topics of pig health management, like how to reduce the antibiotics use and phase out of Zinc, the life of pig farms in the shadow of ASF, stress derived diseases, the ‘secrets’ of successful PRRS eradication and many others which may be interested in the pig vet and management society.


  • Working for AGRI PLUS – polish subsidiary of Smithfield Foods / WH Group.
  • Key Veterinarian for North-East Poland, team leader of 20 vets
  • Responsible for animal health management of 500k commercial pigs
  • Uused to work as inspector at District Veterinary Inspectorate
  • Graduated from the Warmia Mazury University in Olsztyn and Veterinary Institute in Puławy