László Búza

László Búza DVM, PhD graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. Certified specialist of Food-hygiene, Epidemiology and Infectious diseases. PhD of swine herd health management administration at Szt. István University, Gödöllő.
Member of the Hungarian Pig Health Management Association. Published articles in peer-review journals and conferences. His main interests are: PRDC, PRRS eradication, (sero) mapping of farm specific diseases and solution, vaccination window approach, reproduction and production data analysis, responsible use of antimicrobials and training (coaching) solutions for more profitable pig farming. Colostrum – milk and enhanced cross-fostering science is one of his current hot topic. He is always looking for collaborators for his new project: setting up farm specific proactive veterinary medicine solutions based on M=S*I*V figure (M=presentation of the disease; S=susceptibility; I=infectious pressure; V=virulence).