Gyula Balka

Gyula Balka DVM, PhD graduated as a veterinarian in 2003 from the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. He started to work at the Department of Pathology, where he got his PhD degree in 2009. His topic was the estimation of prevalence of PRRS in Hungary, genotyping of Hungarian strains and improvement of diagnostics in the country. Since then, he is teaching pathology and histopathology to veterinary students in Hungarian and English. He got his habilitation in 2015 and since January 2017 he in an associate professor position. From 2014 he is the editor-in-chief of the Hungarian Veterinary Journal. Currently he is supervising the work of 4 PhD students in topics of digital pathology, porcine and feline molecular virology with special focus of PRRSV, APPV, Porcine parainfluenzavirus-1, as well as porcine circo and parvoviruses.